Stromonic vs Others

We have stood out from the crowd. Here is how.

Stromonic WPEngine Kinsta Pagely
Hosting Plans StromBolt Startup Starter Developer 1
WordPress Sites 2 1 1 5
Fast NVMe Storage
Number of Visits Unlimited 25,000 25,000 Unlimited (Reasonable Use Criteria Applies)
Uptime Guarantee 99.99% SLA No Guarantee 99.9% Paid High Availability Config
Email Hosting
Content Delivery Network
PHP Workers Unlimited Unknown 2 Unlimited
Fast MariaDB Database
WooCommerce Supported
Real-Time CloudScan
WordPress Multisite
Support Options Chat/Ticket/Phone Chat Only Chat Only Chat/Ticket Only
One-Click Cloning
External Backup Paid Paid
On-demand Backups Paid Paid
Redis Cache Included Paid Paid On Request
Web Server Ultra Fast LiteSpeed Slow Apache Slow Apache (For NGINX $50 Extra) Slow Apache
Hardware 3rd Gen AMD EPYC + Fast NVMe 2nd Gen Google's C2 + Slow SSD 2nd Gen Google's C2 + Slow SSD 2nd Gen AWS's EC2 + Slow SSD
Read/Write Speed 2000MB/second with No Restrictions Only 600MB/second with Hidden Restrictions Only 600MB/second with Hidden Restrictions Only 600MB/second with Hidden Restrictions
Website Migration Free No Support Free Paid
Website Optimization Free Paid Paid Paid
WAF & DDoS Protection
Auto Scaling
Automated Patching
Debugging Support
Git Integration
Python & NodeJs Supported
Stress Testing
File Manager
Starting Price $14.95/mo $25/mo $30/mo $199/mo
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is managed WordPress hosting?

With non-managed hosting, you have to monitor your website and configure your server in the right way depending on your web traffic, the amount of data and the technology used. With managed hosting, this is all handled automatically and you don’t need to monitor and manage the hosting in this way.

How secure is your WordPress platform?

We take the security of managed WordPress hosting very seriously. We have deployed platform-level firewalls and real-time malware scanners on all our servers that have hosting for WordPress and other applications. Our experts have also used top-notch security hardening techniques. In addition, all customers, no matter how big or small, are hosted on isolated and jailed WordPress managed hosting.

Do you have any contracts?

By signing up with us, you are not bound by any contract. In other words, you can cancel your service anytime. Still, we provide subscription periods for our hosting services which are prepaid. However, if you are not happy with the service, you can always cancel your subscription.

Can I transfer my WordPress hosting to Stromonic?

Yes. You can migrate your WordPress site to Stromonic from any web host with our WordPress migration service. Our migration experts do that for you for free, within 24 hours usually. Once you have created your new Stromonic hosting account, just fill in our migration form at support section and then we handle almost everything else after that.

Why is Stromonic so fast?

Simply put, because we’re always in control. While most WordPress Hosting providers rely on public cloud platforms, our investment into an in-house cloud platform makes a big difference, performance-wise. Since we don’t outsource key decisions regarding hardware and networks (both of which can dramatically impact performance), our infrastructure is all set to deliver you with a super fast and stable WordPress experience.

What does true managed WordPress mean?

The benefit of using true managed WordPress is that it takes care of the entire setup process for you—no more headaches from installation errors, programming languages, or torturous server configurations. By offering these time-saving benefits, Stromonic is a true fully managed WordPress hosting service.