G-Suite by Google

Easy tools for your business by Google!

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What is G-Suite?

G suite is a productive and collaborative cloud-based tool for businesses that help you collaborate with your team, organize your tasks, connect with your customers from anywhere and any device. We at HostGoi, are authorized partners of Google G Suite in India with a goal of taking your business one step ahead.

Basic Plan Business Plan

Get Gmail @yourcompany.com

Set up Gmail for your domain name - get 30GB of space, ad-free inboxes, easy migration tools and unlimited groups.

Schedule meetings in a breeze

The intelligent Google Calendar auto-suggests the best times and meeting rooms for your team. It also syncs with Gmail, Drive and Hangouts.

Join Video Calls from Anywhere

With the all-new Google Hangouts - there's no need to download or add plug-ins - invite anyone, join from anywhere, share screens even without an account

What is Included?


Frequently Asked Questions

Google offers a G Suite for free then why should I pay for it?

With the paid version of G suite you get access to your favorite Google Apps for Business such as Drive, Slides, Gmail, Docs, etc. for your business, that is tied to your domain name and comprises of premium services like: enhanced security features, custom email addresses, double storage capacity and full administration rights. Additionally, you also get 99.9% guaranteed uptime, unlimited group email addresses, 24/7 phone and email support, zero ads, G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook, and more. All this is not provided with the free version of G Suite.

When I can buy G Suite directly from Google why shall I purchase from HostGoi?

We offer G Suite at a similar price to what they offer. However, if you buy G suite from us, there will be an upper hand as you will be able to manage everything like your domains and hosting on a single panel.

How much space will I get per Email Account?

You get 30 GB storage space for each email account with G suite.

Can I transfer my current free @gmail.com id to @mycompanyname.com?

Yes. Once you buy G Suite services you will get access to email transfer solutions that will help you transer your free gmail id to professional one.

Can I transfer my existing G Suite?

Of course. We will migrate all your email accounts from the old provider to us by keeping the data unbroken. If you have existing tenure with the other provider, it will be continued.

What about my existing contacts, mail, and calendar data when I move to G Suite?

If you are moving to G Suite from another web service or program you can bring along your existing mail, contacts, and calendar data with you. G Suite provides a number of tools to migrate your data from Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP servers and other Google accounts.