The Startup Story of HostGoi Technologies Private Limited


Short Introduction:

HostGoi Web Hosting

HostGoi is a leading data center, web hosting provider, and IPV6 consulting company in India that is focused on meeting the rapidly growing data demands of India’s Digital Revolution.

HostGoi Datacenters:

HostGoi has established Rajasthan’s first privately owned Tier III level data center and launched the Hindi Cloud, the first cloud solution that is fully translated in Hindi and provides data sovereignty to Indian businesses and organizations by enabling them to host and keep their mission critical data in India and away from international governments and corporations.

HostGoi’s flagship data center is located in the city of Jaipur which is in one of India’s safest rated zones from natural disasters. This beneficial location makes HostGoi ideally suited to provide disaster recovery and business continuity services. India’s internet user base is estimated to grow from 250 million to nearly one billion users within the next 10 years. This tremendous growth in internet users is great for the Indian economy, but the problem is that most of India’s 50 million+ businesses and organizations do not have the time, expertise, and/or capital required to setup and maintain the infrastructure required to host the data, software applications, and websites that are critical to their success.

Certification & Commitments:

HostGoi Web Solution, has accumulated several accolades and recognitions, including: certification of quality service (ISO 9001:2008), certification of highest level of security (ISO 27001:2005), ISMS certification, and ISO/IEC 27001 (BS 7799). In addition, we are compliant with payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) defined rules and regulations promoting secure online payments and transactions. These certificationsare the statements that confirm the company’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and competence. Additionally, they authenticate that our facility’s management system is anchored on a systematic business risk approach that is essential in implementing the best data center operation standards, relevant towards providing the highest level of customer service possible.

Long Startup Description:

By 2018, most households in the US and UK were connected to the internet, and searching for goods online had become the preferred method of commerce for millions of consumers. Meanwhile, India was catching up, but most small businesses were still unable to build online presence due to a lack of local hosting providers that offered top-tier services at affordable prices.

Recognizing the opportunity to bring more people online, I, along with business partners Arunabha Barman and Debojyoti Sen, founded HostGoi. The newly formed hosting company aimed to offer a budget-friendly alternative to India’s small- and medium-sized business community. With previous experience in the hosting industry, we sought to break from the norms and encourage the spread of online business in a starving market.

We found that people in India were realizing the importance of getting online. The market here did not catch on as fast as it did in the US and UK, but it is rapidly improving.

Since its founding, HostGoi has attracted numerous clients, many of whom are Indian entrepreneurs who’ve realized the benefits of turning to the web to launch their businesses.

HostGoi Business Model: During its relatively short lifespan, HostGoi has witnessed several major trends in the Indian hosting market. Despite India’s previously lagging economy, web accessibility and eCommerce have begun to pick up pace in recent years. As a result, HostGoi helps guide a steadily growing customer base toward finding online success.

It is difficult to tap into the market because people may not realise the importance of having a website. We’ve been trying to create awareness by sharing content on our blog and social media pages.

HostGoi Web Hosting

By empowering its customer base to make tech-savvy, business-oriented goals, HostGoi not only provides a competitively priced hosting platform, but also a means to facilitate growth.

In addition to educating customers, HostGoi relies on its user base for feedback regarding service quality, feature suggestions, and other improvements.

We wanted to be competitive in the market and meet customer expectations, so we needed to come up with a new, cloud-based platform. After analyzing industry trends and customer feedback, we have delivered on those expectations by launching this product.

Cloud hosting through HostGoi provides an easy way to deploy and scale web applications, making it an increasingly popular choice for India’s growing independent dev scene.

Domain & Hosting Solutions: HostGoi equips clients with a number of tools designed to help them create and maintain online presence. Among these are various hosting packages that suit a wide range of business needs. In addition to cloud and VPS hosting, HostGoi offers a variety of shared, reseller, WordPress, managed, and dedicated hosting packages.

A cheap solution for fledgling businesses, shared hosting is available both in Linux- and Windows-based forms. Shared Windows hosting is powered by Windows Server 2012 and is suitable for organizations that rely on app integration through ASP, Visual Basic, and MS SQL.

For businesses with greater computing needs, specialized business hosting, unlimited hosting, and dedicated servers are also available. Dedicated hosting is powered by hybrid servers located in India and the US and features powerful hardware reinforced by redundancy and proactive monitoring. Meanwhile, HostGoi’s signature cloud-based business hosting package is designed for maximum affordability, and ease-of-use and features secure email, free SSL, one-click installs, and DDoS protection, among other things.

For those looking to partner with HostGoi more directly, an affiliate program is offered in addition to reseller hosting for Linux and Windows.

Not only does HostGoi’s wide variety of services cover an impressive range of business sizes and markets, but these offerings are also designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Even the HostGoi’s entry-level packages feature a dedicated website builder and allow for easy backups, malware scans, and easy script installs. Complete with cPanel and 400-plus apps, including WordPress, phpBB, and PrestaShop, HostGoi provides the essential building blocks for every aspect of running an online business.

Premium Support Team: Because many of its customers are going online for the first time, HostGoi’s stands out as a leader in both accessibility and customer support. In addition to providing user-friendly software, HostGoi’s servers are powered by high-end hardware and are optimized for fast and reliable performance, meaning little to no downtime for business sites. Whether choosing managed WordPress hosting or another package, the most technical aspects of running one’s site are left safely in the hands of HostGoi’s staff through free SSL, redundant storage, and datacenter monitoring. And, if a problem does arise, support is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Foundation Details:

The company has been founded Natan Ray CEO and Debojyoti Sen Co-Founder of the company and a dedicated team working 24×7 to provide priority support.

Official Website:

HostGoi Web Hosting

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