All You Need to Know About the cPanel Price Hike


What’s the Buzz? In the last week of June 2019, cPanel made an important announcement about their pricing structure for their Partners, Distributors and store customers. Previously the pricing model was per the server which they have now changed to per-account model. Long ago, some 20+ years back when cPanel defined its pricing structure, the servers were not that powerful as they are on today’s...

cPanel Git Version Control – Introduction


cPanel Git Version Control – Introduction cPanel has introduced a new feature called Git Version Control in its latest update to version 72. While git is largely popular with the development community and some advanced users it is a fairly new feature for the average cPanel user. Over the course of the next few blog posts, we would introduce git in general along with cPanel’s implementation of...

Steps to Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for cPanel


All want to have a secure cPanel account but even after using a random strong password, your cPanel account still gets hacked. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is actively supported by cPanel as it adds an extra step to access your cPanel account securely. When you enable 2FA, you will need your account password as well as a second form of authentication which offers a time based token generated...

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