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How to Test Your Website Before Changing DNS?


In some cases, when you might be transferring your websites over to Hivalidity from another provider you may want to test the website functionality without making any changes to the domain’s DNS records, i.e without pointing the site to the new server for everyone else on the internet. You can achieve this by editing the hosts file on your computer. You need to know the new IP address of your web...

Learn About Chatbot — Generate Leads from Chatbot


Are you a WordPress website owner and want an effective conversation with your visitors or customers? Then move your way towards chatbots. It’s the best strategy that any business owner can adopt to increase the conversation rate on the website. Plus, with the help of chatbots, you’re available to your customer all the time that is 24*7*365 days. In the same way, to know in depth about chatbots...

5 Simple Steps to Download and Install WordPress


WordPress – very much known to all. Do I need to tell you about it? Let me as some of you might still don’t know it. WordPress is the most popular and open-source CMS that is used to build websites and blogs. Believe me it offers the easiest way to develop a website. This is because of the availability of several plugins and themes. So if you have already downloaded and installed it, you are...

16 Easy Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site


The page load time of any website is an important factor to increase traffic & conversion for any web site. Visitors always prefer browsing sites that are fast and load quickly. If your site is not loading within an acceptable time limit then you are going to lose visitors and potential buyers forever. Therefore for good page views, users experiences and for better SEO rankings, one must test...

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