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Most Effective High Traffic Tips For WordPress


Before Using WordPress for any high-traffic website, it is important to ensure that the website is ready for dealing with the high incoming traffic volumes. WordPress is certainly proficient in managing high amount of incoming traffic volumes, however there are limitations on what can be done by any website platform by itself. When changes are made to the web hosting account/server, file sizes...

Be A Part Of Internet World – Start A Blog Today!


There is no qualification criteria required to become a blogger. Anyone from any part of the world can start his/her own blog and share information across the web. For some bloggers, blogging is a hobby and for some it’s a full time job. People are earning their bread and butter from blogging and it’s a highly productive income source. The blogging concept is quite popular in India. The people...

WordPress Memory Usage Exceeded (Solution)


WordPress memory usage exceeded 32 MB WordPress peak memory usage: 38.81 MB Number of database queries: 24 You might receive emails with description “The description includes Send e-mail notification if memory usage reaches threshold setting” and mail content as above. You receive this message because a plugin named TPC! Memory Usage  is installed under your WordPress blog. TPC! Memory Usage...

How to configure MX records for G Suite in cPanel


You can use Google‘s G Suite for email while hosting your domain on a cPanel. For this you’ll have to configure your MX records in cPanel to point to Googles G Suite mail servers. You can configure MX records for Google G Suite in cPanel‘s admin dashboard. Configure MX records for G Suite in cPanel: Log in to your cPanel dashboard. Go to Zone Editor within the Domains section...

How to redirect site to HTTPS from cPanel


cPanel has introduced a new feature called force https redirection under it’s Domain interface. No longer will a manual .htaccess redirect, plugin, or Apache configuration update be required. Now, an end user can toggle a switch to redirect visitors to the secured version of your sites! In the Domains interface in cPanel (Home >> Domains), there’s an option to enable Force HTTPS...

Stop Jetpack from Slowing Down Your WordPress Site


When you install Automattic’s Jetpack plugin, it comes with a ton of features enabled by default. While it has a lot of great features, you probably don’t need all of them. I recently installed it for a client in order to use WooCommerce Services and USPS shipping calculation. I got the shipping information just like I wanted, but the site was significantly slower. What gives? I noticed my site...

Instamojo Review – Easily Collect Your Payments Online


Blogging as you know is a platform to interact with others, provide your audience with valuable resource and in return you expect to earn something from it, which is no bad. In fact, many startups and artists are starting to sell their creations online. While many are lucky in getting funding for setting up dedicated e-commerce stores, the smaller players find it hard to sell something online due...

Clean-up Your WordPress/Joomla Websites


We all want a super fast website, right!? We know the feeling of having to wait too long on a website to load. It’s annoying and time consuming, and people these days simply don’t want to wait for it anymore. Here are some great tips on cleaning your WordPress or Joomla website and make it fast again! First: Check site speed With a website like you can check your website speed...

Is Content Marketing Really Powerful?


Welcome to HostGoi. Well, content is the center of the marketing-verse. But, is it really THAT powerful? Can it really help businesses to succeed? That’s what we are going to see in this post. Content marketing is the panacea for all your marketing problems. Yup. Trust me. Throw me a marketing problem. 1. Do you have traffic problems? Do you want to rank in the top of Google search results? Do...

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