How to Register a Domain Name at Really Cheap Cost?


Searching here & there for cheap cost domain name? Have a tight startup budget for your dream domain name?

HostGoi Web Hosting

Anyways, in this post I will show you, how can you get your dream domain name at really cheap cost.

Let’s start some pep talks.

Do you know what is domain name actually means?

Probably yes! If not, then you’re a newbie in web hosting platform my friend!

Definition of Domain Name: In a single sentence, domain name is a website name, like our website name HOSTGOI.COM

Here HOSTGOI is just a name and .COM called as a domain extension. There are many different extentians are available. Like .In, .Info, .Biz, .Org, .Us, and thousands of others.

Extentions prices are different and can change every month.

You might saw many extentions among all over internet.

As a example: or or

And many more.

Now, your domain name basic is clear I think? 🤔 If still not, then you should check this post, lazzyman!

HostGoi Web Hosting

So, let’s come into the topic.

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At HostGoi, we truly value your money and your dreams. We know, your domain name is not just a domain name, it’s may going to be you future Brand Name.

That’s why, at HostGoi, we offer thousands of Domain Extentions at really very cheap cost.

Sounds crazy right?

I know. Why not check our domain pricing page.


😉 Here, we update domain extentions prices & offers every day. We want to be sure, that you may not miss any domain offer, anyway!

On that pricing page, you will see discounted pricing with red colour

So, why waiting? Grab your dream domain name with a discounted extension.

Having any question regarding our service? Contact us directly [email protected]


HostGoi Web Hosting

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