How to Generate a cPanel Backup and Sent to A FTP Server?


In this post, we’re going to share how you can take a backup your latest cPanel files including emails, databases, crons and other essential settings.

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So let’s start.

1. At first, log into your cpanel hosting account with username and password.

2. In the “Files” section, click on “Backup Wizard” Icon.


3. Under “Back Up, Click on the “Back Up” button.

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4. Under “Full Backup” section, select “Full Backup” button.

5. Under “Backup Destination” drop-down menu, select “Remote FTP Server“.

Remote Server: IP Address or Server Hostname
Remote User: cPanel Username
Remote Password: cPanel Password
Port: 21
Remote Dir: /home/username/directory

5. Once you fill in the Remote FTP details, click on the “Generate Backup” button.

Conclusion: This method is useful for shared hosting users during website migration to different hosting provider, and can save your lots of data by avoiding manual download.


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