How to Enable HTTPS (SSL) in WordPress


In this tutorial, we will show you how to enable https in WordPress, so you can connect to your website securely over SSL.

WARNING: You will need an SSL before attempting to complete this tutorial.

NOTE: HostGoi provide free Let’s Encrypt SSL in web hosting plans, so all customers can easily install SSL certificate from their dashboard.

1. Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

2. Roll your mouse over Settings in the navigation menu, then click General. Below is a depiction of the steps:

3. In the WordPress Address (URL) field, enter your https address.

4. Enter your https address in the Site Address (URL)field. WordPress advises “Enter the address here if you want your site homepage to be different from the directory you installed WordPress.

5. Click the Save Changes button on the bottom.

You are finished when you see a “Settings saved” message.

Congratulations, now you know how to Enable SSL in WordPress! You will now be able to connect to your WordPress site over an SSL connection.

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