Clean-up Your WordPress/Joomla Websites


We all want a super fast website, right!? We know the feeling of having to wait too long on a website to load. It’s annoying and time consuming, and people these days simply don’t want to wait for it anymore. Here are some great tips on cleaning your WordPress or Joomla website and make it fast again! First: Check site speed With a website like you can check your website speed...

How to Fix 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress


Are you seeing a 503 service unavailable error in WordPress? The problem with the 503 error is that it gives no clues about what’s causing it which makes it extremely frustrating for beginners. In this article, we will show you how to fix the 503 service unavailable error in WordPress. What Causes 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress? All WordPress hosting companies offer fixed amount of...

How To Make a Website [Full Step By Step Guide For Beginners]


Though setting up a website or a blog is fairly easy for an expert but it is a daunting activity for someone who is unfamiliar with web design and development. Here i am going to walk you through a complete step by step guide so that you are able to create a successful website in just 20 minutes of time and that too on your own. Let’s get started to learn every thing you need to setup your...

Fix: WordPress Memory Exhausted Error – Increase PHP Memory


Are you seeing an allowed memory size exhausted error in WordPress? This is one of the most common WordPress errors, and you can easily fix it by increasing the php memory limit in WordPress. In this article, we will show you how to fix WordPress memory exhausted error by increasing PHP memory. What is WordPress Memory Exhausted Error? WordPress is written in PHP, which is a server-side...

How to force WordPress to use https connection?


Hello folks, In this post I am going to share how you can force your wordpress website to use https:// connection. Requirement: Installed SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt/AutoSSL/Comodo) in your hosting panel (cPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin). Steps: Login to your WordPress Admin Panel. 2. Then Go to Plugins >> Add New 3. In the right side search box type “Really Simple SSL” and...

How to Enable HTTPS (SSL) in WordPress


In this tutorial, we will show you how to enable https in WordPress, so you can connect to your website securely over SSL. WARNING: You will need an SSL before attempting to complete this tutorial. NOTE: HostGoi provide free Let’s Encrypt SSL in web hosting plans, so all customers can easily install SSL certificate from their dashboard. 1. Login to the WordPress Dashboard. 2. Roll your...

How To Import Posts & Pages From One WordPress Website To Another


Migrating content to another website is a dilemma that many WordPress users face at one time in their life. The act of copying specific posts and pages over to a new website involves copying table rows from one database to another. Doing this directly using a database management tool such as PHPMyAdmin requires knowledge of MySQL and a good understanding of how databases operate. Thankfully, a...

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Nulled WordPress Themes


The websites built on content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress or Magento require users to install a theme or template. The themes determine the appearance of your site, and it impacts how the end-users observe the content on it. And obviously, every website owner wants to have an attractive theme for efficient marketing of the services. While selecting a theme, the WordPress site owners...

How to Change Your WordPress Login Page URL: Plus How It Keeps Your Site Secure


You’re no doubt aware how important security is to your WordPress site. In fact, you’ve probably heard plenty of advice on the subject – including that you should change your WordPress login page URL. However, you may not be sure why or how to do that. Changing your login page URL is a simple but effective security technique that can help keep hackers out. After all, a unique, difficult-to-guess...

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