How to Register a Domain Name at Really Cheap Cost?


Searching here & there for cheap cost domain name? Have a tight startup budget for your dream domain name? Anyways, in this post I will show you, how can you get your dream domain name at really cheap cost. Let’s start some pep talks. Do you know what is domain name actually means? Probably yes! If not, then you’re a newbie in web hosting platform my friend! Definition of Domain...

How to test your website before changing DNS?


In some cases, when you might be transferring your websites over to HostGoi from another provider you may want to test the website functionality without making any changes to the domain’s DNS records, i.e without pointing the site to the new server for everyone else on the internet. You can achieve this by editing the hosts file on your computer. You need to know the new IP address of your web...

Why You Should Use a Premium DNS Service for Your Website + Amazon Route 53 Review


Chances are you already have a domain name registered with one of the several domain registrars and you have your website hosted somewhere else. (I always recommend you to have domains and web hosting in different buckets). When you had hosted your website, the hosting company would have given you something called name servers and asked you to configure it on your domain name. This basically does...

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