5 Tips To Find Reseller Hosting Plan With Maximum Potential


Domain names and web hosting are arguably the hottest selling products in the digital arena as they are the fundamental requirements for every website. The best thing about web hosting and a domain name is that you don’t necessarily need a huge amount to start your domain and hosting business. You can simply join an existing hosting provider as a reseller and start reselling the plans without requiring investing in infrastructure or management costs. However, in order to choose the right reseller hosting plan you need to keep in mind some essential factors:

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Invest your time and efforts to find the right provider

Don’t be hasty in finding the right hosting provider to start your reseller business. You would certainly not like to sell the substandard hosting plans that will annoy your clients and harm your reputation in the long run. So, invest good time and efforts for finding the ideal web hosting provider that is professionally committed and offers reliable services.

  • There are many blogs across the net offering web hosting reviews. Select only the reputed ones that mention both pros and cons and are unbiased.
  • Don’t just rely on written words. Check the stats and figures regarding uptime, bandwidth, resources and other vital aspects of the hosting.
  • Search multiple review sites, social media and forums to ensure that you choose the best hosting provider.

Check web hosting plans offered by the company

Check all the web hosting plans offered by the hosting provider. Joining a parent host that offers a good array of hosting plans increases your sales potential as you can cater to the diverse clients across multiple niches and industries. It also helps you to figure out what works best for you at different stages of the business.

  • Linux is the most preferred platform for beginners, but Windows is generally a priority choice for premium corporate clients. An ideal parent host should offer both of them.
  • Avoid parent hosts that only offer their in-house developed proprietary hosting panels as they may lack the standard friendly or timely updates for improved performance and security.
  • An ideal web host offers (at least) two standard panels of the industry- cPanel (for Linux) and Plesk (best for Windows but also compatible with Linux and others).
  • Make sure your parent host offers easy resource allocation and customization so that you can prove the precise resources to your client meeting their needs

Don’t hide anything from visitors

First-time clients generally don’t read the final print before purchasing a hosting plan. Hence they might keep on populating their website with many images, plugins and other heavy elements to take the best advantage of unlimited hosting. They only realize the truth when their site is down and you might find yourself on the receiving end.

  • You should openly mention the same to your clients and also suggest them the best practices to avoid account suspension or termination.
  • Also, check for the pricing and resource size and clearly communicate the same to your clients to save them from unnecessary expectations.
  • Avoid offering heavy discounts after unreasonably inflating your prices. The clients today have become very clever and they can easily understand such gimmicks

Sell associated services

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After buying a domain name and hosting plan the next obvious step is to design and develop a website followed by adding website content and other online activities. The takeaway is that instead of just selling a domain name and web hosting plans you can offer a number of such associated services in order to boost your sales potential.

  • Avoid joining the parent hosts that compels you to sell only their own services or make it difficult to bundle their services with other associated products.
  • Joining different service providers as a reseller can make life difficult for you. So it is best to find an agency that offers the entire package of web services.
  • Don’t oversell or aggressively market the allied services to your clients as it can frustrate them and you might even lose the opportunity o sell primary products.
  • Some of the services that you can offer as a reseller are PPC management, Digital marketing, conversions optimization, web designing and development, and social media engagement.

Pricing plays the primary role

The pricing plays a premium role in defining the success potential of your business. You won’t be able to earn a good profit if the base prices are already high. So make sure that you should choose the provider that offers very low base prices.

  • There are a number of sites that allow you to compare the reseller hosting plans. Wisely use them to check the best companies
  • Make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality in order to find the cheapest plans.
  • Check the reputation of the hosting provider as well as the reviews.

Check support quality

While checking for the discount do deep research and make sure that you understand the full scope of the discount. Many hosting providers offer lower prices in the first years but then hike up from next year onwards

  • No hosting provider can ever give you a 100% guarantee that there will be no fluctuations in performance or speed.
  • The lack of premium support services can annoy your clients and you may end up losing them.
  • Avoid hosting providers who hire third-party call centers for support as such executives generally lack the commitment and proficiency of the in house staff.
  • Make sure that your hosting provider offer round the clock support for diverse issues.
  • A good hosting provider should offer support via multiple channels like phone, chat, ticket, and email.


In order to enjoy a good revenue and reputation as a hosting reseller, you need to be very careful while finding the web hosting provider. In this blog, we have specified the major things to consider in order enjoying a successful entrepreneurial career as a web hosting reseller. By following these tips you can confidently find the web host that can help you to achieve a good success as a web hosting resellers.

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