Everything You Wanted To Know About Your Cpanel Resources (Well, Almost!)

Due to the easy graphical interface, automation tools, and user-friendly design, the Linux-based cPanel is widely used for maintaining web hosting accounts. The efficiency of your cPanel account is determined by the availability of resources. These resources include CPU, RAM, and I/O etc. Let us see the vital role played by these resources and how to determine if you have the required ideal amount of these resources to smoothly run your site

CPU is actually the total number of CPUs allocated to your account for request processing. It processes a number of requests including but not limited to:
• Data Loading into RAM
• Script Processing
• Content Delivery
• Writing Databases
Hence we see that the CPUs form the foundation of the website and play a decisive role in determining the capacity of other resources.

5 Best Practices To Save SEO While Moving From HTTP To HTTPS

When you move your entire site to https there are good possibilities that you skip some key issues due to the sheer technicality of the job. Resolving those requests later- when they pile up- is time-consuming, complicated and more prone to further errors. So, it is a good practice to evaluate each step of your HTTPS migration process before you move on to the next one.

It is alright to make mistakes but…. You have to move multiple elements during HTTP TO HTTPS migration process involving several repetitive, tedious steps. So making mistakes is not uncommon. The best you can do is to evaluate each phase of the migration process before you move to the next one. It helps you to precisely pinpoint the errors and resolve them then and there instead of messing up the things. Here are the common possible errors to look out for:


Challengte#1: Blocking some URLs in the robots.txt

HostGoi Payment Options

Our Payment Options For Indian/Non-Indians

Debit Cards/Net Banking

We accept Debit Cards from the following banks :
Visa Debit Cards (All Banks) through HDFC, MasterCard Debit Cards (All Banks) through HDFC, Other Maestro Cards through HDFC, State Bank Maestro Cards through SBIPG, CITI Debit Card through SBIPG
NetBanking option available with the following banks:

The Last Mover Advantage

Many of us have heard about first mover advantage.

If someone is the first to enter a market, then this business can capture the market and make a lot of money.

And many of us think that first mover advantage is great.

But it doesn’t make much sense in today’s world, where everything is changing very fast.

The internet connects all of us and the speed of business has gone up.

Competitors are fast to catch up and compete with you, and you will no longer have the first mover advantage.

That’s why, Last Mover Advantage is in fashion.

Facebook was not a first mover in the social network space. We had MySpace and Orkut as social networks long before Facebook.

Facebook was not the first social network, but the last social network.

Once you capture the entire market with a better product and service, and execute your ideas well, you can become the last mover.


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